2015 Slalom Rules

Casc Rules

General Rules of Competion




2015 St. Lawrence Auto Club Classification System


Summary Classes are to be divided by points. There will be four classes


The base points of a vehicle will be the HP/3 the car had in stock form.

Modifications will have a point value associated.

The total of the base points and modification points will be the final value the

competitor’s vehicle would be assigned.


Classes The four classes will be divided by the following point ranges:

• Stock        Under 70 points, no <200 treadware tires allowed

• Super Stock:      70 to 110 points

• Street Prepared: Over 110 points <Modified

• Modified (Race cars, significant modifications, IE.,  Engine swap, extreme lightening,             

must be running on <200 treadwear, R-compound, or non-DOT tires)


Weight Correction Factor 

• Over 2700lbs  -10 points

• Over 3100lbs  -15 points

• Over 3500lbs  -20 points



Modifications  Modifications that may accrue additional point values are divided into the

following groups:

• Engine and Drive Train,

• Suspension and Running Gear,

• Weight Reduction, and

• Tires


The following modifications are free:

• Locked or welded Differential 

• Removal of Emissions control

• Intake ahead of throttle body.

• Braces, modifications for reliability (no significant performance gain)



Engine and Drive Train

• Headers, (5 points)

• Exhaust – Header Back , (5 points),

• Fuel/air System – Carb or FI change, intercooler (5 points),

• Engine Internals – Cam, Pistons, displacement, etc, (5 points each)

• Engine Externals – Flywheel, Pulleys  (5 points)

• Limited Slip – where not an OE option (10 points)


The following modifications are worth as indicated:

• Controllers (ECM/Management chips) (Manufactures reported hp

value/3 = points), and

• Turbo/Supercharger (4points/lb of boost)           


Suspension and Running Gear


The following modifications are worth 5 points each:

• Sway Bars (Front & Rear) (5 points for each bar)

• Strut  inserts or shocks ( Externally Adjustable)

• Springs (Full set of 4)

• Rim Diameter (1” or more under OEM size)

• Rim Width (1” or more over OEM size)

• Alignment (exceeding maximum settings as possible by stock



Weight Reduction

The following modifications are worth 5 points each:

•Reasonable weight reduction is a free modification (i.e. seat substitution).

•Modifications such as seat removal (front or back)

•Bumper removal                                                                      

•Lightweight Body panel (IE, carbon fiber, unobtainium, or fiberglass replacements) 

Removal of interior panels is worth 5-15 points depending on extent.



• <201 treadwear rating       30 points

• R-Compound Tires            50 points


Final Approval

Certain cars which have displayed performance characteristics outside the calculated

points range, will be classified based on performance as fairly as possible to achieve a

fair and competitive playing field.

Final decision on a vehicle’s classification will be decided by

a three person committee as approved by the Club Executive.


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