April Meeting Minutes

  1. Introduction of new members.  Watch for a Miata to be hot on your heels!
  2. Elections:  no nominees.  President, Equipment Manager and Racing Director remain unfilled.
  3. Correspondence:  letter regarding return of equipment made available (you can read it on the Facebook page).  Kudos to Rob Brunner for helping out with the retrieval of  20+ radios, a laptop and printer.
  4. Car Wars:  Attack of the Cones! update.  Most of the evening involved getting all of our ducks in a row.
  5. Next meeting:  TBD.

You Oughta be in Pictures

I’m sure most of you have noticed that I like to change the picture on our homepage from time to time.  And that’s where you come in…

Make sure you get all of the 15 minutes of future fame that you deserve.  All you need do is send a picture of your car or cars and I’ll be sure to get them into ‘heavy rotation’.  Here’s the address:  st.lac.club@gmail.com