The Summer of Fast! VARAC GP 2017

The Diamond Jubilee Formula Junior World Tour
& Historic Formula One Cars, June 15-18, 2017 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

VARAC Vintage Grand Prix
It was a busy several days for members of St LAC participating in this year’s VARAC GP.  Add to that the incessant wrenching, spins, and a blown motor and it all added up to elevated heart rates and heart aches!  None of us, however, would have missed a moment of it.  After all, it’s not every day a F1 Ferrari driven first by Gilles Villeneuve or Graham Hill drives by you!
Rob Metcalfe G70
Danby Crowder F1600
Roger Curtis Street
The author sincerely regrets missing any other member who was there.  Please send me a note with the details to and I will be sure to add you in.

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St LAC Autoslalom Championship Results for May 19th, 2017

Results (cumulative) for May 19th, 2017 St LAC Championship Points Series

The Driver Dynamic Autoslalom series will serve as the basis for the St LAC 2017 Autoslalom Points Series.

Results are based on 1st to 10th with 10 points for 1st.My apologies for the odd formatting presentation.  Until I fix this you can get a better view by clicking the pdf option below.

Here are the results:

[Editor’s note:  my wife says I’m being passive agressive.  I think someone else likes to be bossy.  I also believe that my posting results using last name, fictitious car is just fine and no more likely to set Insurance Companies hearts (if there is such a thing) a-flutter than Driver Dynamics advertising their events online and then failing to police the pictures of cars with driver and license plate in plain view is to set alarm bells ringing.]

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