Safety Notice relating to Race Driver Restraint Harnesses

From John Kinnear comes this timely update:

Safety Notice relating to Race Driver Restraint Harnesses

As of April 02/18  SFI has revoked certification  SFI spec. 16.1 for Tanaka harnesses due to non-compliance.

All camlock type driver restraints produced by Ruian Dragon & Ruian Dongjinling the company that produces Tanaka harnesses, are to be removed from service and returned.

Should the reader be considering the purchase of a new driver restraint harness, he/she should first consult Appendix L , section 4 of the CASC race regs and view the listing of harnesses that have had their certification revoked. There are products from six different companies listed. These companies may well have other harnesses that are still certified.


Help needed at Shannonville July event

CTCC is hosting a CASC-OR regional race event at Shannonville on July 7-8, 2018 and I am busy bringing the event together.  I have a requirement for some personnel that could potentially assist in the area of pre-grid and pit lane.  I also need a few people to assist in race control too.  If you know of anyone that may fit the bill, please share my information.
Thank you and all the best for a wonderful racing season,
John Bondar