Help needed at Shannonville July event

CTCC is hosting a CASC-OR regional race event at Shannonville on July 7-8, 2018 and I am busy bringing the event together.  I have a requirement for some personnel that could potentially assist in the area of pre-grid and pit lane.  I also need a few people to assist in race control too.  If you know of anyone that may fit the bill, please share my information.
Thank you and all the best for a wonderful racing season,
John Bondar

Registering at

As much as your webmaster would like to believe that the recent upswing in registration interest is due to my charming, school-boy good-looks; my hunch tells me otherwise.  As a result, I have suspended the ability of members to sign up and into

What’s led to such drastic measures?  Well, in the last couple of days we’ve had a couple of hundred new registrations.  Not all of which I’m sure are even from our planet.  So, if you live in Lower Monglovia or Upper Slobovia, your humble forgiveness beg I.

Should you feel strongly about registering, send me a note at and I’ll make it happen.  Unless you’re writing in High-Venusian that is.

Nominations for 2018 Yorkville Exotic Car Show

With the summer quickly approaching we are in high gear for the 2018 Yorkville Exotic Car Show.

There are just a few months left to go, and this year is looking to be the biggest event we have had! Last year we had over 95 000 people from all over the GTHA join us on Father’s Day to experience over 100 of the best exotic and luxury sports cars in the region.

Join us this Father’s Day, Sunday June 17th from noon to 5pm on the “Mink Mile” of Bloor St downtown Toronto. Walk the red carpet and take in the power and beauty of the best exotic cars.

Have a car you wish to nominate? Nominations are open!