St LAC’s Picton Regional I & II Results and more!

And the results are ready. Congratulations to the winners:

Event 1

Top 3 raw times
1st: D’Arcy in “Not a Miata”, 85.518
2nd: Bill in Impreza, 85.524
3rd: Kevin in S2000, 86.147

Top 3 PAX times
1st: Arris in Civic, 70.942
2nd: Martyn in BRZ, 71.013
3rd: Daniel in BMW 228i, 71.849

Class winners
S: Daniel
ST: Martyn
SMSP: Arris

Event 2

Top 3 raw times
1st: D’Arcy in “Not a Miata”, 84.932
2nd: Arris in Civic, 85.267
3rd: Michelle in 2018 Camaro, 85.663

Top 3 PAX times
1st: Michelle in 2018 Camaro, 69.730
2nd: Arris in Civic, 69.834
3rd: Daniel in BMW 228i, 70.853

Class winners
S: Michelle
ST: Martyn in BRZ, 70.866 PAX
SMSP: Arris
PM: D’Arcy in “Not a Miata”, 81.195 PAX

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2018_05_26 = Event 1
2018_05_27 = Event 2

From the peanut gallery…

Auto Care and Cancer

An auto mechanic is exposed to a variety of hazards in the repair shop: Slip and fall accidents caused by spilled motor oil, cuts and bruises from mishandling tools, and also exposure to asbestos from replacement car parts that contain the toxic mineral.

Auto parts, including brakes, clutches and heat seals, contain asbestos because of its heat-resistant qualities, but when these parts start to break apart or disintegrate, the asbestos escapes into the air and onto the clothes of the auto mechanics.

Since repair shops also are notorious for poor indoor air quality and circulation, the combination of inadequate air flow and free-floating asbestos particles makes this occupation especially dangerous.

More information, access to help and other free resources are are available at

Asbestos in automobiles


St LAC’s Picton Regional update

New for 2018, the CASC Regional Autoslalom series is partnering with the Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy to provide free instruction to all attendees.  They will be in attendance for both St. Lac events and both TLMC events to cover half of the 2018 CASC Autoslalom Regional Series.  Instruction is beneficial to all competitors. From novice competitors right through to the more experienced ones, sometimes a different perspective can be hugely beneficial.  All instructors are hand picked and actively compete in autoslalom and they specialize in helping new drivers get on track and into motorsports.

PADA will have their tent set up so they are easy to find. Everyone is welcome to drop by to say hello and chat with some fellow enthusiasts.  Discounts will also be offered on site to any of their driving courses for those who may be interested.

Spectators can find out more here.