What to do, what to do with our Timing System…

Wait, I know!  Let’s use it for our very own Valve Cover Racing Competition!

What’s a Valve Cover Racer?  Imagine a Pinewood Derby entry only you have to use a yes, you guessed correctly — a valve cover from an internal combustion engine.

T h e   R u l e s:

The Cars:

  • No engines or propulsion.
  • No moving weights.
  • Wheel can be attached to the car in any manner, but must not extend beyond the front of the valve cover.
  • Nothing can extend beyond the front of the valve cover.
  • Cars shall be based on an actual rocker cover from an automobile engine.
  • Cars must have four wheels, each no more than six inches in diameter.
  • Wheel must have a non-metallic surface contacting the track.

Critical Dimensions:

  • 30 inch maximum overall car length.
  • 15 inch maximum overall car width.
  • 10 inch maximum overall car height.
  • 10 pounds maximum weight by official scales.

Who’s with me?

Union Autofest: Kingston, August 18th 2018

“The Union” Autofest stems from the idea of a united Canadian car culture coming from all walks of life in the automotive world, without limitation to a certain make, model, or type of vehicle.  We expect cars, bikes, and trucks from all over the province and beyond to come together in one central location…Kingston, Ontario on August 18th 2018, for an awesome day full of seeing some of the provinces best project cars!  Whether you have a turbo’d import, stanced out luxury car, or a monster truck, we want to see it at The Union!

With the help from our amazing sponsors and affiliates…we are able to make this free of charge for registrants along with visitors alike.

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Wheels on the Bay

HAGERTY CLASSIC CAR INSURANCE & MOTHERS POLISHES Present Wheels on the Bay 2018! It will be held July 27-29, 2018 on the beautiful waterfront of Zwicks Centennial Park in Belleville, On. Last year in only our 3rd year we had just under 600 vehicles and 8,000 spectators. 

Pre register before June 30 for only $20 for one, two or all 3 days of fun! (One price for all 3 days)

You will also be entered to WIN the MILLER Multimatic 215 a $2300 value!

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St LAC member John Kinnear in action

From the steady eye and arm of Evan Gamblin comes these pictures of John Kinnear in action at the 2018 VARAC Festival.  Held earlier this month at Mosport (CTMP), John was joined by fellow members Rob Metcalfe and Danby Crowder.  Sadly missed was Roger Curtis who couldn’t get his car ready in time.

In response, I have composed a poem:

See John go.

Go John go!

Where is that Roger?

He's so slow!

Danby and Rob know how to race.

No Roger? What a disgrace!

Is there hope for Roger the Dodger?

Get your buns in gear and finish that car you old codger!!!

St LAC welcomes its newest supporter

Our list of Club Supporters has grown by one thanks to internationally acclaimed artist, author and now film-star Eric Green.

Eric was born in Gorham, New Hampshire in 1956. Green went to RISD on a full scholarship at the age of sixteen. After attending the school for a week, he left to ride freights across the country, spending four years on the road.

In addition to painting for thirty years, he has worked in a frame shop, assembled pulp testers, traveled with a carnival, restored houses, painted industrial buildings from a hanging scaffold, designed two labels for Brazilian beers, written four novels and a column for the local paper. Continue reading

Caption Contest Results

The Judges have decided:  it was a tie.  Even with some excellent last minute entries it seemed that there was no clear winner.  The result?  Beer all around.  Thanks to Jordan, Dan, Craig, Rob and the others for their wit and wisdom.

Can you think of something that captures the moment?  Got an idea for a speech bubble?  If so, you can win a beer or equivalent at our June meeting.

To enter you need simply add a comment (at the bottom).  You will be prompted to log in.  Or, you can bring your ideas along with yourself on the 19th.  Lastly, you can email them to us by using the link at the bottom of our site.

Here’s the picture (lifted from the Jan 2018 issue of VARAC Pit Signal)

June Meeting & Social Notes


  1. Upcoming National Championships
  2. VARAC Festival — featuring reports from the field
  3. Planned Valve Cover racing.  This could be something done at a Friday night CTC Car Park & Show.
  4. CTC Friday night Park & Show.  We still plan to park the race cars at CTC this Summer.
  5. New banner delighted members:  many gasps, near-swoons, etc.
  6. Elections:  VP still available (damn you Dan, Craig, Jordan…)

Are you wondering what to do with yourself on Tuesday, June 19th at 7pm?  Do you need to get out from under your car?  Do you wish you could go somewhere where everyone will know your name?  If you said ‘yes’ to any of these then please plan to join us.

We will be soliciting volunteers to help with the July 20-22nd Canadian National Autoslalom Championship at Picton’s Regional Airfield. Continue reading

St LAC Volunteers of the Month

Please join your St LAC Exec in congratulating our volunteers of the month.  Volunteers are a very special breed.  And one thing’s certain, your money will be no good come the next club meeting.

No, it’s not the truck that we’re planning on the beer for, it’s John Kinnear.

And special thanks to Matt D for helping us empty Danby’s trailer and set up the storage container at the Crowded House.  I wanted to thank him but he drove off so quickly…