Kingston RC Racing Club wants you

If you’re like me, I put the car away ready to race next season.  That usually means a bit of extra time on my hands.  So, if this sounds like you why not get involved with the Kingston RC racing club?  The folks there share our passion for cars and race competition but in 1/10 scale.  The classes include Mini, F1 and all wheel drive Touring Cars and are competition level and offer a fantastic racing experience. They race on an indoor year round carpet track in the lower level of the Aaron’s Furniture store at Bath and Portsmouth. Our classes

The club is always welcoming new members and offer a free orientation session of our sport and facility to you and any of your members including trying a hand with one of our demo cars.  For more information visit Kingston RC Club on Facebook.

The Jury is in: we rock!

By now all of the comments that are going to be have been posted on the CASC.ON website and it’s official — we are awesome.  The 2018 Canadian National Autoslalom Championship is now history but it’s still worthwhile dredging up a few kind words and videos.  So, here goes:

  • Glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to everybody for having us.
  • Thank you to everyone else who helped out driving the marshal bus, collecting the garbage bags, making the trophies, taping number signs to individual cones, making up worker charts, organizing the on-site food as well as the dinner Saturday night. I believe that every single volunteer was putting in 100% effort to do things to the best of their abilities. I heard promises of a future Nationals back at Picton… without a single doubt in my mind, I’ll be there.
  • I would love to do it all again.
  • Best banquet ever.
  • Danby, Roger and Rob from St. Lac. They are road racers who are new to anything autocross and keep getting better at organizing events at Picton, the most challenging and beloved venue in Ontario.
  • Ed, Dorothy and Dan who pretty much ran registration on their own. Once again Dan’s colour coded wristband idea worked perfectly. Dan also created the course map under pressure.
  • Jordan for handling our marshaling assignments and helping out wherever needed.
  • Glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to everybody for having us.

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Has car work got you down?  Are you like Roger who can’t seem to finish his tribute car?  Or maybe it’s just a case of unobtainium that’s got you down.  What ever it is, sometimes we all need a little help to feel fine.  For me, it’s a visit to the 1puglife channel on YouTube for some Evel Knievel time.  Oh, and if you feel motivated to get on with things (or at least think that your situation isn’t so bad afterall, don’t forget to courtesy).  Trigger warning:  contains swearing, mild drug use and a complete disrespect for life, limb and property.