St LAC Club member Danby Crowder at the PJ Memorial Trophy

President Rob Metcalfe and Treasurer Roger Curtis joined Secretary Danby Crowder this weekend to lend a hand and cheer him on at Shannonville (July 7-8th) in the Peter Jackson Memorial Trophy F1600 Class.  Truth be told, it was Danby’s daughter Willa who did most of the work.  🙂

“See?  I can do housework.  I don’t do any but I can.”

“Hey, is that a twoonie?!”

“Where’s Danby?”  A free t-shirt goes to the first person who answers this skill-testing question.  Leave a comment below or send your answer to

NFR Rally 2018

If you were out and about the last few days on the 401 you may have noticed some rather nice cars sporting a large NFR Rally logo on the side.

Being a curious sort of person, I decided to find out more.  It turns out that this weekend’s event involved a drive from Toronto to Montreal for the rich and famous.  Darn, you missed it you say?  Don’t worry there’s more where that came from.  So, if you have an extra few thosand and have a penchant for large decals, you’re in luck.   Here’s what you get for your money:

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