2019 CASC Regional Competitor Registration Information

From CASC-OR comes this update on the Regional AutoSlalom series.

2019 is upon us and Class D Autoslalom licenses are available now! They are still only $35 up to and including the 2019 CASC Autoslalom Open House, the details of which will be announced shortly. After the April open house, the Class D Licenses will rise in price to $40 for the remainder of 2019. Continue reading

Recent club expenses of note

As we begin the new calendar year so, too, begins the affiliation renewals with the various sport governing bodies.  Here’s a list of these and their costs:

Governing BodyCost
CASC-OR affiliation$500
CARS affiliation 226
RSO affiliation 100
ASN Canada FIA
(General Liability & Directors Insurance)

In the market for a new racing car?

Look no further than https://www.racing.ca/category/racing-cars/  Who knows what you might find but make no mistake, there are cars for most prices ranges.

Here’s what’s available as of February 5, 2019:

Racing Cars