St LAC welcomes new members

Let the bells ring and the banners fly,  St LAC has some new members!  Please say ‘hello’ to Steve Gore, Mark Durant, Eric de Pauw, Peter Ellsworth, Brent Clark and Mark Busscher who have chosen to join the St Lawrence Automobile Club.  Established in 1951 and predating the Canadian Automobile Sports Club (CASC), St LAC has proven to be a club worth joining for almost 70 years.


St LAC’s Last Chance AutoSlalom presented by Last Chance Auto results are in

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who, once again, gave it their all to make sure our Regional I & II AutoSlalom were a success.

     – Grizzly Martin: Can’t wait to photograph this amazing event! It should be quite a blast!

     – M. Harris: Thanks again for another fantastic Picton autocross event.  Last year you mentioned a potential second event this summer. Any info?

Thanks to the efforts of Brains, the results are available.  “Ah! I – I think I got it! No. I haven’t got it… Hmm… Yeah, I – I got it!







You say you prefer your viewing in the form of  motion pictures?  Have it your way at

Thanks to Rob for his most excellent filming.

April General Meeting

It was a well-attended and productive meeting at the home of Danby Crowder yesterday as things begin to fall in place for another automotive season.

Our annual Regional AutoSlalom events now presented by Last Chance Auto-restoration has a long-list of ‘must dos’ and there was no shortage of volunteers.  What a lovely club.

Much time was dedicated to what makes a club a must to join and it was decided that social events topped the list.  As a result, St LAC will direct a great deal of attention to being part of the greater Kingston car culture.  Members can look forward to Cars ‘n’ Coffee events, making appearances at the many car cruise activities in the area and more.  Watch this space.

April Executive Meeting Report

Planned for Monday, April 8th.  Up for discussion are the following:

  • Officers registration (paperwork) Not reported.
  • Banking updates  Still having trouble changing cheque signatories.
  • Club identification  A work in progress.
  • Capital expenditures:  tent, car  No decisions made.
  • May AutoSlalom (entry fees)  Will be determined Friday.
  • Sponsorships  LastChance Auto will be the presenting sponsor for our May Regional AutoSlalom events.
  • Other new business  None tabled.