Ford versus Ferrari

What’s in a name?  Everything.  But names — like looks — can be deceiving.  Oh yes, it helps to remember that the only constant in this world is change and one musn’t be afraid of it.  Carroll Shelby never was.

Introducing a film for the ages:  Ford vs. Ferrari.  The movie will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019, and is scheduled to be released on November 15, 2019, in 2D, IMAX 2D and Dolby Cinema by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Please plan to join your fellow St LAC members in an evening of movie going and good times.  Details to follow.

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Cars: letting you meet the nicest people and machines since 1885

It’s not difficult to understand how a mutual interest can lead to meeting new people and appreciating their efforts and investment.  For some of us, the muscle car era provides just such an opportunity.  Here’s something Rob saw in Lindsay, ON the other day.  Admiration for a nice car led to meeting a nice owner.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Javelin, here’s what wikipedia has to say:

American Motors’ Javelin served as the company’s entrant into the “pony car” market created by the Ford Mustang. The design evolved from two AMX prototypes shown in AMC’s “Project IV” concept cars during 1966. One was a fiberglass two-seat “AMX”, and the other was a four-seat “AMX II”. Both of these offerings reflected the company’s strategy to shed its “economy car” image and appeal to a more youthful, performance-oriented market.

Sales of convertibles were dropping and AMC did not have the resources to design separate fastback and notchback hardtops that were available on the Mustang and on the second-generation Plymouth Barracuda, so the AMC designer team under Richard A. Teague penned only one body style, “a smooth semi-fastback roofline that helped set Javelin apart from other pony cars.”

The Javelin was built on AMC’s “junior” (compact) Rambler American platform only as a two-door hardtop model to be a “hip”, dashing, affordable pony car, as well as available in muscle car performance versions. “Despite management’s insistence on things like good trunk space and rear-seat room, Teague managed to endow the Javelin with what he termed the wet T-shirt look: voluptuous curves with nary a hint of fat.”

T-cRX Honda work and play party

Thanks to Danby, Rob and Roger for their dedication and hard work, our club car is progressing nicely.  Not wanting to have all the fun (Danby has put in more than 70 hours so far) we’re hoping members will join us for round III on Saturday, August 24th, 09h30 at the home (657 Simmons Road, Odessa) of Danby Crowder.  Lunch will be provided.

And join us they did.  Special thanks are extended to Dan Gray, Craig Alder and Eric de Pau for their help and inspiration.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

We often find ourselves looking for that perfect mode of transportation for the remaining teenage daughter in the home.  Sometimes this leads to thoughts about getting something for ourselves; after all, the Feds are still giving out rebates for electric vehicles.  Then we found this Canadian product:  The BoomerBuggy.  The Model X will only set you back $7000 Cdn.

Then there’s a Curtiss electric motorcycle that tops 200 horsepower:

The Zeus design pays tribute to the Curtiss V8 bike.

The price?  $79k American.  Should we let her be limited to 13kmh or 200kmh???  Decisions, decisions, decisions.