Minutes of the September Meeting

Were it not getting dark so early these days, we would have held the meeting on the patio of the RCAF Club!  What Fall weather!

It was a busy meeting with lots on the Agenda but that didn’t stop everyone from discussing the often overlooked world of AMC muscle cars.  Did you know that the difference between an AMC AMX and the Javelin is 14 inches?   Norm did.  Could that be because he is the owner of a AMX Big Bad Blue coloured model?  Imagine owning a car that looks like this:

Image result for AMC AMX big bad blue

Items discussed:

  1. A motion was made by R. Curtis and seconded by P. Ellsworth to accept sealed bids until 8pm.  This was passed.  One bid was accepted but withdrawn shortly afterwards.  As a result, the storage bin remains unsold.  It was decided that we pursue selling the item on kijiji.  Roger will pursue this.  It was important to the present executive that members–past and present–be given the first opportunity to purchase this club asset first.  On a similar note, club members present were offered club T-shirts for $10 (L and XL) along with an XXL size for $5.
  2. The results of our Club Autoslalom Championships were presented for purposes of affirming membership status, errors, etc.  All was in order and trophies will be distributed at the AGM.
  3. Elections:  Rob Metcalfe has accepted the position of President for the remainder of the year.  Roger Curtis has agreed to take on the position of Treasurer with a plan to put the last three years of transactions into an electronic Accounting program.  There were no takers for the position of Racing Director or Equipment Director.  These positions will be offered up next meeting.
  4. Incorporation.  In what can only be described as a scene from Catch 22, we won’t have a full slate of officers (there is another volunteer waiting on the side-lines) until we submit taxation forms and we can’t get this done with out having a full slate of officers.  All should be well once the Accounting gets done, however.
  5. The Club has positive cash flow.  The bank balance stands at some $9000 +
  6. The Limestone Street Scene Club was discussed.  They appear to have a healthy membership and we were curious to know why.  All evidence suggests that more of an effort is made to simply hang-out and, as Pepsi Cola used to describe it:  ‘be sociable’.  To that end, the executive will investigate a Fall fun run.  Stay tuned!
  7. What does the club do?  In the absence of a Director of Racing, we looked to those in attendance and suggested that all ideas arising from the floor are not only welcome but will receive the full backing of the club.  Again, the idea of car get-togethers was discussed and we came back to the idea of a Fall run.

St LAC Autocross Championship Final Results 2017

Back in the Spring it was announced that your club would use the results of the Shannonville Autocross series (put on by Driver Dynamics) would serve as the basis for a Club Championship Series and the results are in.

The club plans to honour our recipients at the AGM to be held in the new year.

Autoslalom Championship Results 2017

Please, please, please excuse any errors or omissions.  And, more importantly, let me know if this is indeed the case by emailing Roger at st.lac.club@gmail.com

SMP Autocross results 2017

Autocross event #1:  /assets/files/smpautocrossevent1results.txt

Autocross event #2:  /assets/files/smpautocrossevent2results.pdf

Autocross event #3: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%203.txt

Autocross event #4: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%204.txt

Autocrossevent #5: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%205.txt

Autocrossfinalresults:  /assets/files/Shannonville%20autocross%20final%20results.pdf

For Sale: St LAC’s Storage Container

As most of you know, St LAC owns a metal storage container.  Kept at Picton Airport this was used to house the club’s pylons and other equipment.  Recently these items were moved to the club’s trailer and generously stored at the home of our Secretary Danby Crowder and, as a result, we no longer require it.  This means we’re going to put it up for tender.

The Item

One only 6′ x 6′ x 6′ metal shipping/storage container.  This item has been kept indoors, shows little wear and is only a few years of age.  It was originally purchased from Princess Auto.  It resembles the following picture (excludes pallet dolley and timbers).


This offer is open to present and past members of St LAC.

The Process

Offers will be accepted by mail or can be delivered at the meeting scheduled for September 21st, 2017 at the RCAF Club.  All offers must contain a cheque made out to the St Lawrence Automobile Club for the full amount tendered.  It need not be a certified cheque.  The offers will be opened at the meeting.  The successful bidder is responsible for removing the container from the Picton Airfield before the end of the last business day of September, 2017.  The club executive will attempt to be available to assist with the dismantling and loading of the container onto your vehicle.

Questions can be directed to your executive by emailing st.lac.club@gmail.com

This offer is subject to change, general screw-ups and discombobulation.

Volunteer Drivers Needed

Loving Spoonful picks up surplus food from grocers and farmers for delivery to more than 40 local shelters, meal programs, and other social services agencies. We are looking for more volunteer drivers help us with those deliveries, which each take 1-1.5 hours and can be committed to weekly or on an occasional basis. Last year we got almost $300,000 of fresh food to our Kingston neighbours who need it most.
Would St. LAC members have any interest in helping us out as volunteer drivers?

Lilith Wyatt
Food Access Coordinator
559 Bagot St.
Kingston, ON  K7K 3E1
Office:  613-507-8848
Cell:  613-893-6393

Your Executive has been busy

No, really.

When we’re not trying to pay bills left over from the past, mend fences with those who were promised this and that, we’re busy planning for the future.  And we’re busy with our own stuff too!  Yup, we like to race as much as we like to help others make this happen.  So what it is exactly we’ve been busy with?  Here’s a partial list:

Paper work:  we have to file new Incorporation papers to reflect the new volunteers who came onboard to keep the club afloat.  This is isn’t as easy as it seems as St. LAC doesn’t Paperwork is hard!have a complete slate of Executive members.  In order to maintain our not-for-profit status, we are required to have a President (among other things) and no one has expressed a willingness to take on this position.

More paperwork:  while the jury is still out on the necessity of filing Income Tax returns, let’s just say it can’t hurt.

Accounting:  I, for one, am impressed by the efforts to keep good financial records by all of the club’s Treasurers to date.  With that in mind, we purged the books that we are no longer required to keep; namely, 2009 and 2010.  Not-for-profits need only have Journals dating back six years and that is exactly what we have now.

House-keeping:  we have been doing our best to consolidate the club’s assets by moving things kept with various past and present members and places into the club’s trailer.  So what’s in it now?  Cones and more cones.  Timing equipment that requires some attention (and will get it), a sound system that may or may not work, frs radios, safety equipment and other odds and sods used to put on events.  A complete inventory will be made available later in the year along with a 2017 financial report.

Keeping in-touch:  honestly you won’t see a lot on this website or Facebook as we are asked to do so very little.  Lucky us, huh?  Nope.  In fact, we have been busy having talks with Brack Driving Dynamics to help us put on driver events for Kingston’s BMW dealership and Subaru as well.  Why them?  They’re the ones that have responded to our calls.  What’s in it for us?  There’s bound to be a few who feel the racing bug and join St LAC as a result.  And we’d love to hear from you if have any special requests for activities or events.  We always answer our emails:  st.lac.club@gmail.com

Gettin’ ’em while they’re young:  your Vice President Peter has been hard at work with a Limestone School Board official in hopes of creating a 24 Hour of Lemons event or the like down the road.  Who said it’s too late to go back to school?!  Stay tuned.

Etiam:  Oh that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a club for?  Well, we meet.  We respond to requests.  The reality is, however, we’re a club of convenience.  Wanna race?  Great, watch ’em join.  Looking for an introduction to racing?  There are events for that and we steer people in the right direction.  😉  Is the phone ringing off the hook?  Nope.  We may be the loneliest car club execs in the Province.  Most of our members are from out of town and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to call Kingston Mecca.  Well forget the events, maybe they just  want social stuff.  Ahh, there’s the rub.  We’re racers too and a bit busy.  Too busy?  Never.  Watch this site for more information.