St LAC Autoslalom Championship Results for May 19th, 2017

Results (cumulative) for May 19th, 2017 St LAC Championship Points Series

The Driver Dynamic Autoslalom series will serve as the basis for the St LAC 2017 Autoslalom Points Series.

Results are based on 1st to 10th with 10 points for 1st.My apologies for the odd formatting presentation.  Until I fix this you can get a better view by clicking the pdf option below.

Here are the results:

[Editor’s note:  my wife says I’m being passive agressive.  I think someone else likes to be bossy.  I also believe that my posting results using last name, fictitious car is just fine and no more likely to set Insurance Companies hearts (if there is such a thing) a-flutter than Driver Dynamics advertising their events online and then failing to police the pictures of cars with driver and license plate in plain view is to set alarm bells ringing.]

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Car Wars Regional Autoslaloms I & II: Vidimus nos vicimus

For the many drivers who attended the Car Wars:  Attack of the Cones Regional Autoslalom May 27th and 28th it was indeed a case of ‘we came, we saw, we conquered’.

With great weather and a fabulous course, who couldn’t have but a good time?  But don’t take my word for it…here’s what the racers had to say:

“Such a great place to come and race.  I enjoyed reading about the history of the Camp, too.  Thanks for doing this.” Aron (Ottawa)

“When I read that the place was for sale I said there is no way I’m gonna miss it.  So thanks for putting on such a great race.” Brian (Chatham)

“I didn’t know what my number was supposed to be.  I didn’t know what class I’m in but thanks to your efforts and the Timing folks all was cleared up and I had such a great time.”  Richard (Pickering)

“For sure I’m gonna buy a T shirt!  This has been such a great event!” Don (Toronto)

Kudos to Driving Dynamics for a great event.  And a special shout-out to Rob Metcalfe, Roger Curtis, Danby Crowder and Pete Ellsworth for the many, many hours behind the scene and in person on the race days.

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150 kph and Third Gear for the Corners!

The Driver’s Dynamics night of lapping at Shannonville’s Fabi Track saw some pretty impressive bits of speed for a first evening of cobweb shedding.

There was a car in the capable hands of a completely random stranger coming up just shy of 100 mph on the straights as he said goodbye to some dry tires.  Add to this another car and driver who I have never seen before and am more likely to win the lottery/struck by lightning/be the subject of Pamela Anderson’s next book before I am ever likely to see again and one wasn’t sure where to look next!  What a convergence of random genetic material  and machinery!

While certainly the nicest looking car — a certain ’82 Porsche 928 — belonging to the Club’s Communications Director stayed in the parking lot, he’ll soon have something to lap with.  He hopes!

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May Monthly Meeting Minutes

It seems apologies are in order.  We assumed that those in attendance for the lapping event were there not only to take advantage of the club discount but the meeting as well.  Nope.  So, if you arrived in a BMW at the appointed hour, I want you to send me an email: and we’ll make it right.

Discussion Items:

  • Volunteering at the Regional Autoslalom this coming weekend.  It’s not too late!
  • Discount program:  a 10 percent rebate is offered to Club members for three events this year including May 18’s Lapping Night (offered by Driver’s Dynamics), Friday, June 16’s Autoslalom (at Shannonville, offered by Driver’s Dynamics), and the aforementioned Regional Autoslalom.  (See details in previous posts.)
  • Banking:  we’ve taken possession of an order of T shirts for sale to club members and those attending the Regional Autoslalom.  Cost for each shirt is $20 each (total).  Needless to say, this has had a significant impact on our bank balance.  Other recent expenses include batteries for the FRS radios ($60) and wrist bands ($65).  These items should serve our needs going forward for some time.
  • Elections:  no takers for President, Director of Racing or Equipment Director.
  • New Business:  it looks like we will part with the storage shed used to store Club materials for use at Picton Airfield.  Stay tuned as we discuss and decide on how best to maximize the return on the Club’s investment.

A shout out to Jordan for briefing those who were in attendance that this wasn’t a hoax.  The truth is out there!  Thanks, Jordan, you’re my hero.

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