BARC Canadian Touring Trophy 2017

BARC’s Canadian Touring Trophy Races is the fourth event in the 2017 CASC-OR Race Ontario Championship!

Groups running this weekend include:

  • GT Sprints
  • Formula Libre/F4/F1200
  • Toyo Tires F1600 Championship
  • VARAC’s Classic (G70+ and G90+)
  • 2 hour GT Challenge

St LAC’s Danby Crowder made the podium not once but twice during the weekend’s F1600 events.

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Your Executive has been busy

No, really.

When we’re not trying to pay bills left over from the past, mend fences with those who were promised this and that, we’re busy planning for the future.  And we’re busy with our own stuff too!  Yup, we like to race as much as we like to help others make this happen.  So what it is exactly we’ve been busy with?  Here’s a partial list:

Paper work:  we have to file new Incorporation papers to reflect the new volunteers who came onboard to keep the club afloat.  This is isn’t as easy as it seems as St. LAC doesn’t Paperwork is hard!have a complete slate of Executive members.  In order to maintain our not-for-profit status, we are required to have a President (among other things) and no one has expressed a willingness to take on this position.

More paperwork:  while the jury is still out on the necessity of filing Income Tax returns, let’s just say it can’t hurt.

Accounting:  I, for one, am impressed by the efforts to keep good financial records by all of the club’s Treasurers to date.  With that in mind, we purged the books that we are no longer required to keep; namely, 2009 and 2010.  Not-for-profits need only have Journals dating back six years and that is exactly what we have now.

House-keeping:  we have been doing our best to consolidate the club’s assets by moving things kept with various past and present members and places into the club’s trailer.  So what’s in it now?  Cones and more cones.  Timing equipment that requires some attention (and will get it), a sound system that may or may not work, frs radios, safety equipment and other odds and sods used to put on events.  A complete inventory will be made available later in the year along with a 2017 financial report.

Keeping in-touch:  honestly you won’t see a lot on this website or Facebook as we are asked to do so very little.  Lucky us, huh?  Nope.  In fact, we have been busy having talks with Brack Driving Dynamics to help us put on driver events for Kingston’s BMW dealership and Subaru as well.  Why them?  They’re the ones that have responded to our calls.  What’s in it for us?  There’s bound to be a few who feel the racing bug and join St LAC as a result.  And we’d love to hear from you if have any special requests for activities or events.  We always answer our emails:

Gettin’ ’em while they’re young:  your Vice President Peter has been hard at work with a Limestone School Board official in hopes of creating a 24 Hour of Lemons event or the like down the road.  Who said it’s too late to go back to school?!  Stay tuned.

Etiam:  Oh that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a club for?  Well, we meet.  We respond to requests.  The reality is, however, we’re a club of convenience.  Wanna race?  Great, watch ’em join.  Looking for an introduction to racing?  There are events for that and we steer people in the right direction.  😉  Is the phone ringing off the hook?  Nope.  We may be the loneliest car club execs in the Province.  Most of our members are from out of town and they don’t seem to be in any hurry to call Kingston Mecca.  Well forget the events, maybe they just  want social stuff.  Ahh, there’s the rub.  We’re racers too and a bit busy.  Too busy?  Never.  Watch this site for more information.

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Pay Per Lap at Shannonville

Want to test out your new GT3RS?  Got something that just needs a good shakedown? Or are you wondering what your car can do for you today?  If this describes where you’re at, you might wish to give Shannonville’s Pay Per Lap evening a try.

It’s quite affordable at $6 a lap or 5 for $25.  You’ll be out there alone so you needn’t worry about what else could be happening nearby.  Don’t forget your helmet though!  Dates:  August 7, 21 and September 4.

For more information visit

Maybe you’ll see me there…

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Ted Powell Race Weekend August 25th to 27th, 2017

The Ted Powell Race Weekend is always a great race event at our facility.  In the 2017 event, the Quebec based Super Production Challenge will be running with our GT Challenge group for a 1 hour race (

Other groups include GT Sprints, Formula Libre (F1200), Toyo Tires F1600 Championship, Vintage Historic, Classic, and for the second time this year, the Canada Radical Cup.

Join us as competitors race our Stadium Track (2.8 km) on Saturday and Full Track (5.05 km) on Sunday!

Driver Registration

Ted Powell – Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame


Spectator Tickets are FREE this weekend!   We hope you enjoy everything Calabogie Motorsports Park has to offer.  Be sure to check out the Turn21 store for all of the latest CMP swag.  The Redneck Bistro’s finest culinary creations will be available on the test day and the race weekend.

Limited Camping is available, the Calabogie Suites and Bunkhouses are nearly booked up, reserve today.  Our friends at the Calabogie Peaks and Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata have lots of room for you and your race teams as well.

Calabogie MotorSports Park is a world class, 5.05 km long, 40 feet wide race track of smooth, smooth asphalt nestled in the natural beauty of the Calabogie Highlands.  Our facility offers 20 challenging turns with dramatic changes in elevation and camber. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to race at this wonderful facility then register for this full regional race weekend. All eight classes represented in the CASC-OR are running. From vintage classics to modern day open wheel and sedan race cars. You won’t be disappointed  

We look forward to seeing you trackside.   Want more information? Please visit our website at or by calling 613-752-1252.

For more information on CASC-OR road racing and how to get involved, visit the CASC-OR website

Questions regarding the event rules and race schedules should be directed to Terry Dale at:



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