May Picton Regional Autoslalom Supplementary Regulations

Please find attached the Supplemental Regulations for the May Picton Regional Autoslalom event.

In the event changes are made, I’ll update the Regs and make a note of it in the post heading.

Picton 2018 Supplementary Regulations

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Have trailer. Will lend.

As many of you know, your club has acquired all the necessary items to run Autoslalom and similar events.  And right now most of it is sitting in a really nice little 5 x 7 foot enclosed trailer.  The contents will be moved out this Spring as we transfer it all into our club storage locker and that means the trailer will be available for member use.

If you’re wondering about liability concerns you need only contact your auto insurance company and you’ll be just fine.  Naturally, the club wants you to take care of any bumps and bruises and, of course, 407 ETR charges.

The trailer is being stored at Membership Secretary Danby’s home in Odessa and you can reach him at

These dates are not available:

  1. May Picton Weekend
  2. National Championships (July 15th or 2nd weekend)


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2018 Carlisle Car Collector Car Swap Meet, Corral & Auction

Apr 18-22, 2018
Adult Admission: Daily Wed.- Sat. $12 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $35
Kids 12 and Under FREE

Event Hours Wed.-Sat. 7am-6pm , Sun. 9am-12pm
Auctions Dates: Thursday & Friday, 2-10pm / Saturday 10am

Spring Carlisle is massive! In fact, it’s such a big deal that Hagerty Insurance recognized it as one of the top five automotive swap meets in the world. Spring Carlisle marks the beginning of the Car show and Swap Meet season. Our 150 acre Facility in Carlisle, Pennsylvania plays host to or in excess of 100,000 collector and classic automotive enthusiast from all over the world. This early Spring Event is supported by the best of Powerhouse Manufacturers, remanufactured and used parts vendors in the country. In addition, vintage collectibles, advertising, gas and oil and variety of hidden, high valued hard to find treasures of the unexpected brings out an abundance of the strongest collectors, dealers, auction houses and pickers in the country. The unlimited fresh finds at Spring Carlisle is what keeps everyone coming back!

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Spring fail…

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St LAC in Discussions to Host 2018 National Autoslalom Championships

Your Club has been approached to assist with the running of this year’s ASN/FIA Canadian National Autoslalom Championships and we’ve replied with a definite ‘yes’.

Sharing hosting duties with Oshawa’s OMSC, the National Championships will be hosted at the Picton Airfield.  Last year’s event–held in Vancouver, BC–utilized a four-course format where every driver gets three attempts at four unique autocross course layouts over two days of racing. Drivers’ best times from each course are combined to create an aggregate time that determines their final position. You had to be fast on each course if you wanted a shot at the podium. However, this event is about more than just competition, it’s about creating the most enjoyable autocross experience possible complete with a banquet and more.

As usual, volunteers are always welcome.  You can contact us at

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Cannon Ball Run 2018 Accepting Entries

Four routes are planned for 2018.

Captain Chaos says: “Hey, I could be your secret weapon!  DA DA DUM!”

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Registering at

As much as your webmaster would like to believe that the recent upswing in registration interest is due to my charming, school-boy good-looks; my hunch tells me otherwise.  As a result, I have suspended the ability of members to sign up and into

What’s led to such drastic measures?  Well, in the last couple of days we’ve had a couple of hundred new registrations.  Not all of which I’m sure are even from our planet.  So, if you live in Lower Monglovia or Upper Slobovia, your humble forgiveness beg I.

Should you feel strongly about registering, send me a note at and I’ll make it happen.  Unless you’re writing in High-Venusian that is.

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Updated: Driving/track/race events within 500 kliks of Kingston

April to June

Continue reading

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