Never mind the sauna, let’s go ice racing: Swedish style

In what is easily the best ice-racing event in the known universe, comes what is easily the best article ever written on the subject.  Don’t believe me?  Well, where else would you find an entry in the motorcycle class that looks like this…

I hope you noticed the emergency brake.  And never mind a snowmobile suit, where’s my chainsaw pants?!

For more Swede shenanigans please visit Sweden’s Speed Weekend on Ice.

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2019 CASC Regional Competitor Registration Information

From CASC-OR comes this update on the Regional AutoSlalom series.

2019 is upon us and Class D Autoslalom licenses are available now! They are still only $35 up to and including the 2019 CASC Autoslalom Open House, the details of which will be announced shortly. After the April open house, the Class D Licenses will rise in price to $40 for the remainder of 2019. Continue reading