Welcome to the Home of the St Lawrence Automobile Club

Welcome to the website of the St. Lawrence Automobile Club or as it is better known:  St LAC, (pronounced “Saint Lack”).  The Club calls Kingston, Ontario, Canada home and is the motor sport group to join for any enthusiasts in South Eastern Ontario.

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September Meeting

A meeting has been scheduled for 7:30 pm Thursday, September 21st at the RCAF Club.


Elections:  we still do not have a president, race director or equipment director.

Determine new owner of the storage container.

Why we exist:  call for new ideas, events and how the executive can support these.

St LAC Autocross Championship Final Results 2017

Back in the Spring it was announced that your club would use the results of the Shannonville Autocross series (put on by Driver Dynamics) would serve as the basis for a Club Championship Series and the results are in.

The club plans to honour our recipients at the AGM to be held in the new year.

Autoslalom Championship Results 2017

Please, please, please excuse any errors or omissions.  And, more importantly, let me know if this is indeed the case by emailing Roger at st.lac.club@gmail.com

SMP Autocross results 2017

Autocross event #1:  /assets/files/smpautocrossevent1results.txt

Autocross event #2:  /assets/files/smpautocrossevent2results.pdf

Autocross event #3: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%203.txt

Autocross event #4: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%204.txt

Autocrossevent #5: /assets/files/Shannonville%20Autocrss%20Event%205.txt

Autocrossfinalresults:  /assets/files/Shannonville%20autocross%20final%20results.pdf

For Sale: St LAC’s Storage Container

As most of you know, St LAC owns a metal storage container.  Kept at Picton Airport this was used to house the club’s pylons and other equipment.  Recently these items were moved to the club’s trailer and generously stored at the home of our Secretary Danby Crowder and, as a result, we no longer require it.  This means we’re going to put it up for tender.

The Item

One only 6′ x 6′ x 6′ metal shipping/storage container.  This item has been kept indoors, shows little wear and is only a few years of age.  It was originally purchased from Princess Auto.  It resembles the following picture (excludes pallet dolley and timbers).


This offer is open to present and past members of St LAC.

The Process

Offers will be accepted by mail or can be delivered at the meeting scheduled for September 21st, 2017 at the RCAF Club.  All offers must contain a cheque made out to the St Lawrence Automobile Club for the full amount tendered.  It need not be a certified cheque.  The offers will be opened at the meeting.  The successful bidder is responsible for removing the container from the Picton Airfield before the end of the last business day of September, 2017.  The club executive will attempt to be available to assist with the dismantling and loading of the container onto your vehicle.

Questions can be directed to your executive by emailing st.lac.club@gmail.com

This offer is subject to change, general screw-ups and discombobulation.

Get ready to Rally!

If someone called you Mario you’d understand the reference immediately.  But what if you were referred to as Neuville or various Scandinavian first names, would you get the reference?  For those familiar with rally car events, you probably would.  For those who are not followers of this popular motor sport, well, you might not.

Enter the Canadian Rally Car scene.

Navigational Rally

Navigational rallies, also known as Time Speed Distance (TSD) rallies, incorporate a driver and navigator working together in a typical street car to follow a route laid out on public roads in a set of instructions. The objective is to collect all the checkpoints on the route at specific times which you can do by following the average speeds indicated in the instructions. If you arrive at a checkpoint too soon or too late, you’ll accumulate penalty minutes. The team with the fewest penalty minutes wins. These events typically have two or three levels of difficulty and a quick lesson before the event for first-time participants.


Navigational rallies are a great way to see picturesque areas off the beaten path and explore regions you wouldn’t normally visit and meet an interesting group of like-minded car enthusiasts too. There’s usually a social gathering after each event where people share stories of their adventure, try to find reason as to why they ended up 5 kms off course, and drivers and navigators make amends for things said in the car.


Rally Sport Ontario’s affiliate clubs host several events each year that are part of the Ontario Road Rally Championship (ORRC). These events are usually about 200 kms long and take about 5 hours to complete. Some of the clubs also host their own rally series, annual, and/or one-off events which are typically shorter and cater to beginners. Check the event calendar for upcoming rallies. (Source:  https://www.rallysport.on.ca/navrally/)