The St Lawrence Automobile Club

Welcome to the website of the St. Lawrence Automobile Club or as it is better known:  St LAC, (pronounced “Saint Lack”).  The Club calls Kingston, Ontario, Canada home and is the motor sport group to join for any enthusiasts in South Eastern Ontario.  Find out more at What We Do

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Auto Care and Cancer

An auto mechanic is exposed to a variety of hazards in the repair shop: Slip and fall accidents caused by spilled motor oil, cuts and bruises from mishandling tools, and also exposure to asbestos from replacement car parts that contain the toxic mineral.

Auto parts, including brakes, clutches and heat seals, contain asbestos because of its heat-resistant qualities, but when these parts start to break apart or disintegrate, the asbestos escapes into the air and onto the clothes of the auto mechanics.

Since repair shops also are notorious for poor indoor air quality and circulation, the combination of inadequate air flow and free-floating asbestos particles makes this occupation especially dangerous.

More information, access to help and other free resources are are available at

Asbestos in automobiles


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Eric Green in Kingston

The son of Marshall Green (co-founder of CASC along with St LAC’s Jack Luck) paid a visit to the place that started it all:  Kingston and the home of Campbell’s Volkswagen and a certain Porsche 356.

It was almost surreal to meet such an accomplished artist — especially when there is a documentary team in tow.  More than this, however, was the chance to meet such a wonderful team of people in the form of his travelling buddy Garrett and their film crew. 

It was story after story at the lunch table so kindly hosted by Danby and Suzanne Crowder in Odessa.  Lunch had to wait, however, as the 1956 Porsche 356 had some attention paid to its timing and a couple of other minor issues by our host.  Sadly it seemed that some additional effort would be required owing to the hidden nature of the spark-plugs so a visit to Universal Garage and Stephan had the engine purring in no time.

You can read about the journey and find out more at

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St LAC’s Picton Regional update

New for 2018, the CASC Regional Autoslalom series is partnering with the Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy to provide free instruction to all attendees.  They will be in attendance for both St. Lac events and both TLMC events to cover half of the 2018 CASC Autoslalom Regional Series.  Instruction is beneficial to all competitors. From novice competitors right through to the more experienced ones, sometimes a different perspective can be hugely beneficial.  All instructors are hand picked and actively compete in autoslalom and they specialize in helping new drivers get on track and into motorsports.

PADA will have their tent set up so they are easy to find. Everyone is welcome to drop by to say hello and chat with some fellow enthusiasts.  Discounts will also be offered on site to any of their driving courses for those who may be interested.

Spectators can find out more here.

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Spotted at the May 15th Meeting

In addition to the regular slate of events, your club welcomed back long-time member Norm Krantz.

Some people might know him better as the owner of a BBB AMC AMX!  So good to have you back, Norm.  🙂

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Two Nations 1000 Islands Extravaganza May 18-19th

Highway Legends Car Club would like to invite you to beautiful Clayton NY for the 8th Annual Two Nations 1000 Islands Extravaganza that will be held Friday and Saturday May 18th and 19th.  The event runs Friday from 4-9pm and Saturday from 10am until 9pm.

Friday evening will either be a drive in movie or a sock hop!  Either way, it will be lots of fun!  We will have the band Ruby Shooz, out of Rochester, NY performing for us for 4 hours on Saturday and ending with a wonderful fireworks display! Ruby Shooz pays 50’s and 60’s music.  Awards will be handed out on Saturday afternoon.  There will be lots of crafts and vendors, music, food, kids games and of course, lots of cars, trucks and bikes!

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Kingston Corvette Invasion, June 22-23rd

Witness the biggest gathering of supercars ever to come to Kingston.  Eastern Ontario Corvette hosts over 500 Corvette owners from clubs within Ontario, Quebec and the US.  View the cars on Ontario and Market Streets as well as in Springer Market Square from 4 to 9 pm, Friday night.

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PCA Club Race: “Clash at the Glen” Watkins Glen, NY June 1-3

The Zone 1 Club Race is the largest on the PCA Club Racing circuit, with over 250 racers in every type of Porsche gathering from all over the USA and Canada to compete in their respective car classes. PCA members are welcome to attend to watch the spectacle and perhaps consider how they may make the transition from Driver Education to Club Racing.

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Vice President Position Vacancy

Vice President Vacancy: Have you ever wanted to wield near supreme-power, bark commands that few will ever hear and shout ‘bwahahaha!!!’ to the car gods when ever you feel like it? Well, now you have the chance. All you need do is volunteer. Just send a note indicating your interest to In the event that we have more than one name put forward we may find ourselves at a loss as what to do next. Perhaps a duel, or drag race may be necessary but, act quickly as this is a time sensitive concern (you’re in until January).

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